How to Deny FTP Access ?


If the /etc/ftpusers file exists on your server, cPanel & WHM denies FTP access to all of the cPanel users in that file.


If the /etc/ftpusers file does not exist on your server, you must create it before you can use it to block FTP access.

The /etc/ftpusers file

The /etc/ftpusers file lists of all of the cPanel users for whom to deny FTP access. To deny FTP access to a user, add the username to the file, with one username per line. For example, an /etc/ftpusers file that blocks access to the user1, user2, and user3 users would appear similar to the following example:

  • Do not include additional information in the usernames (for example, the domain name).
  • To deny FTP access to an FTP user, block the cPanel account that owns that FTP user.
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